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Baachachick Fireworks
Exit 497 off of Interstate 90
Hardin, MT 59034

Phone: (406) 665-2528
Email: matt_belue@yahoo.com


The store is open full time from April 1st to September 1st, as well as for New Years from Dec 27 - Jan 1st. The store is open the rest of the year by appointment only, just call Matt at (406) 665-2528.

Hours are
April 1st - June 23 - 8AM - 9PM Mon-Thurs*
April 1st - June 23 - 8AM - 10PM Fri & Sat*
April 1st - June 23 - 1PM - 9PM Sun*

June 24 - July 5 - 8AM - 10PM Daily*

July 6 - Sept 1 - 8AM - 8PM Mon-Sat*
July 6 - Sept 1 - 1PM - 8PM Sun*

Dec 27 - Jan 1 - 8AM - 10PM*
Dec 31            - 8AM - Midnight*

*If these times don’t work for you, Please call Matt @(406) 665-2528, and in most cases, he can accomadate special hours for you



Welcome to Baachachik Fireworks


Baachachik \baw chaw chick\ adj, adv, n, pl:

the best; the greatest of all
-Crow Indian Language

Baachachik Fireworks was started in 1994 by Matt Belue. It is chartered by the Crow Tribe and is a legal tribal entity within the borders of the Crow Reservation. The word Baachachik is a word from the Crow Language meaning “the best, the greatest of all.” Matt started the business in 1994 to help pay for college and over the years the business has grown to its present day status of the largest fireworks store in Montana. The store is easy to find off Interestate 90 @Exit 497, with the big 6-sided red steel roof and the 50-foot “FIREWORKS” sign and Huge American Flags.


Competitive Advantage

Because you’re buying your fireworks in Montana, you won’t pay sales tax! Because you are buying on the Crow Reservation, there are no restrictions on fireworks. Baachachik sells EVERYTHING! We carry over 500 items in the store, over 100 of which are NEW each year! Inventory changes year to year, but we always have around 20 different family assortments, over 40 artillery shells kits (mortars), over 20 different Roman Candles, well over 100 aerial repeaters (over 60% are 500-gram), firecrackers, bottle-rockets, sky-rockets, aerial salutes, novelties & fountains. If there’s something you just can’t find or don’t know if it even exists?, just ask Matt. Matt is a member of 4 fireworks organizations and travels the nation and even the globe in search of the BEST fireworks to be sold at Baachachik Fireworks. So, just ASK!! The store is located conveniently off Exit 497 of Interstate 90, so stop by our store and you'll quickly find out why Baachachik Fireworks is nothing short of BAACHACHIK!


We carry several lines of fireworks, from over 25 manufacturers in China. They include:

Brothers, Black Cat, Shogun, Lightning Bolt, World Class, Showtime, Cowboy, Poly Wonder, Beihai, Pyro King, Megabanger, Red Pearl, Temple of Heaven, Firehawk, Boomer and several others.

Inventory and names change every year. If you’re looking for a specific name and can’t find it, explain the effect to Matt; chances are that he can sell you a different product with the same effect. At Baachachik Fireworks, we often assist customers with their entire fireworks show. We will help you build fronts, walls, and help plan firing sequences in order to maximize the excitement and beauty of your fireworks show for any budget. You and your family or your block party will have a "Baachachik" fireworks show (or defeat that neighbor who always has a way to out-do you!!). So ask us about our Inventory. We always carry a good supply of fireworks that may not be displayed on the shelf YET!!, but might just be the item you're looking for to complete your fireworks show.